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Del modo di fortificar le citta. Venedig 1556. Kl.4°. Mit Holzsch.-Tvign. (Portrait), 8 (5 ganzs.) Textholzschn. u. zahlr. fig. Initialen. S. 1-(8) u. 25-63 (ohne Lagen C-D), 1 Bl. Hprgt. d. 19. Jhts. (Tls. berieb., Rckn. gebräunt).  
Berlin Katalog 3508. Breman 345. Cockle 767. Riccardi II, 649. Zweite Ausgabe. (EA 1554). - The earliest printed Italian monograph on fortification. First published in 1554, the book is also the earliest to appear in Europe on the subject after Dürer's specialist treatise of 1527 (Etliche underricht zur befestigung der Stett). Other contemporary writers such as Cataneo, Tartaglia, and Valle only contributed in the form of chapters. Zanchi (1515-c.1586), a military engineer in the Venetian service, explains that the introduction of artillery called for a reform of the existing fortification systems which were not strong enough to withstand the impact of the new arm. He advocates a system of defence based on octagonal and square boundaries with bastions at the angles. The woodcuts are among the earliest showing the new pentagonal form of bastion. The dedication is to Maximilian of Austria. The woodcuts are among the earliest showing the new pentagonal form of bastion. Zanchi left the manuscript of his work with Girolamo Ruscelli when he had to leave Venice; on his return, Ruscelli sought and obtained permission to edit and publish the work, which he recognized as a pioneering effort. - Es fehlen die S. 9-24. Vereinzelt leicht fl.
Zanchi, | Bild Nr.1Zanchi, | Bild Nr.2

Zanchi, | Bild Nr.1

Zanchi, | Bild Nr.2

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