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Johnson, Maurice,

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Jurist, 1710 Gründer der Spalding Gentlemens Society, "The Antiquary" of Ayscoughtee Hall, Spalding (1688-1755). Eh. Brief mit Unterschrift, dat. Spalding, 21. März 1732. 4°. 2 Bl., 3 S. beschrieb. Mehrf. gefalt.  
An George Holmes, Keeper of the records in the Tower, London. U.a. wegen einer Suche in einem handschriftlichen Register. "If you can amongst any Records in Your Custody find any Memorial or memden of any presentation Institution admission Induction or other mandate or Order of this Matter I beg of you with all convenient Speed to send me an Office Copy of It and reference to the place where It may on search be readyly found again, and if on search you have no such You will do me a very Singular favour if you can find It at the Rolls or any where else and procure and send Me down such Copy of It for I want It very much to prove It an Usurpacon upon the Person Under whem I claim who was a Cavallier and himself a Coll. in the Kings Army his name was Gamlynn the son and heir of sir John Gamlynn Knight under whom my Father indeed claimes the Title... (sehr ausführlich)... Our little Cell here holds up bravely and wee have lately had a New proof debeing Known to the Remain an Urne dugg up under the Root of a Very old Elme Tree deep buryd and of This Shape as described to me by the Gentleman who saw It and drew It, in whos ground It was found but I could not learne that Either Bones or Coines were found in It. The place where It was dugg up was not far from this Town and on the west side of the well and that is of the present channell...". Mit kleiner Federzeichnung der Urne im Text. - Mit Adresse, Siegel u. Stempel. - Tls. Einr. in d. Falzen u. am Rand u. einige Wurmlöcher mit ger. Buchstabenverl.
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Johnson, Maurice, | Bild Nr.1

Johnson, Maurice, | Bild Nr.2

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