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A Plain and Compendious Method of Teaching Thorough Bass, After the most Rational Manner, with Proper Rules for Practice. The Examples and Lessons Curiously Engraved on Copper Plates. London, Wilcox 1737. 4°. Mit 93 tls. gefalt. Kupfertaf. 1 Bl., 45 S. Mod. Hlwd.  
Erste Ausgabe. - Kassler, p. 674. Gregory-Bartlett I, p. 146. Cortot, p. 107. Hirsch I, 301. Wolffheim I, 761. RISM BVI, p. 476. Lampe was a German-born composer and bassoonist active in Britain. "As to the Pieces already in Print, I need not say much, since Masters can make but little, and Scholars no Use of them. I believe many, who have endeavoured to learn Thorough Bass, will readily confess that they have not been a little puzzled by intricate Rules, only directing them what to play to the Figures 4/2 &c. without any other Explaination or Reason. Some indeed have gone a little further, and have shewn what Cord those Figures represent, and how to learn something of the Keys; but I don't find any have given plain Directions and practical Rules built upon the Grounds of Composition, to shew how each Sound in each Key should be accompanied, and why, and I beg Leave to say no Rules for Thorough Bass are of any Value without it" (The Preface, p. VI). - Breitrandiges Ex. Tls. leicht fleckig.
Lampe,J.F. | Bild Nr.1

Lampe,J.F. | Bild Nr.1

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