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Crose, la.

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The Works of the learned, or, An historical account and impartial judgment of books newly printed, both foreign and domestick, to be published monthly. Nov. u. Dez. in 1 Bd. London, Bennet 1691. Kl.4°. Mit Holzschn. Tvign. 2 Bl., S. 149-180; 2 Bl., S. 181-211. - Angebunden: Ders. Memoirs for the ingenious. Containing several curious observations in philosophy, mathematicks...In miscellaneous letters. Jan. u. Juni. 2 Hefte. London, Rhodes 1693. - The compleat Library: or News for the ingenious. November. London 1692. Mit Holzschn.-Tvign. Pbd. d. Zt. (Tls. berieb. u. best.).  
Learned journals, largely devoted to reviews of recent books in the fields of history, classics, mathematics, science and medicine, etc. - 1 Bl. mit anges. Eckabriss (Textverlust). Tls. stockfl.
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Crose, la. | Bild Nr.1

Crose, la. | Bild Nr.2

120,00 €
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