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Musick's Monument; or, a Remembrancer of the Best Practical Musick, both Divine, and Civil, that has ever been known, to have been in the World. Divided into Three Parts. The First Part, Shews a Necessity of Singing Psalms Well, in Parochial Churches..., The Second Part, Treats of the Noble Lute, (the Best of Instruments) now made Easie; and all its Occult-Lock'd-up-Secrets Plainly laid Open..., In the Third Part, The Generous Viol, in its Rightest use. London, Ratcliffe u.a. für den Autor 1676. Kl.Fol. Mit gest. Portrait-Front. u. 4 ganzs. Kupferst. 10 Bl., 272 S. Neuer Ldr. im Stil d. Zt. mit Rsch. u. Rverg., sowie Goldschn. (Vord. Innengelenk etw. brüchig).  
Wing M 120. Wolffheim I, 793. Gregory/Sonneck S. 160. Erste Ausgabe. - Thomas Mace (1612/13-1706 ?), musician and writer on music, had been appointed a clerk (i.e. singing man) at Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1655, and continued in that role for most of his life thereafter. He is most famous for the publication of Musick's monument, or, a remembrancer of the best practical musick, in 1676, 'a quaint and useful book' (Scholes). In spite of the clear evidence of his authorship of this unrealistically optimistic diatribe on the state of English roads, it does seem seriously off-piste for 'one of the Clerks of Trinity-Colledge Chappel in Cambridge'. It shows, however, a genuine interest in, and a remarkably good grasp of, the civil engineering required. In addition to other practical ideas, he proposes a scheme for straighter two-lane highways where travellers would keep to the right-hand side. - Tls. leicht fleckig, insgesamt gutes Ex. Vors. erneuert. - Exlibris.
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Mace,T. | Bild Nr.1

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