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Memoires de L'Academie des Sciences...

Bd. 41, 2. serie. Paris, Firmin-Didot 1879. Gr.4°. Mit 4 (statt 11) gest. Falttaf. Sep. pag. Brosch. d. Zt. (Tls. randriss., etw. angestaubt).  
Enthält: Chevreul,E. Complement des etudes sur la vision des couleurs. De l'influence exercee sur la vision par des objets colores se mouvant circulairement autour d'un axe perpendiculaire a leur plan...(ohne d. 7 Taf.). - Original edition and only edition of this study concerning "the influence exerted on the vision by coloured objects being driven circularly around an axis perpendicular to their plan when one comparatively observes them with objects in rest identical to the first." Chevreul distinguishes three phases in perception from the colors moving: the first where the rotation of the circle lets see only one uniform color; the second, characterized by the "melody of the colors" before the colors do not separate to take again complementary colors. - Weitere 6 sep. pag. Beiträge v. Becquerel. - Breitrand., unaufgeschn. Ex.
Memoires de L

Memoires de L

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