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The People: Their rights and liberties, their duties and their interests. Bde. 1-2 in 1 Bd. Wortley near Leeds 1848-50. 4°. 2 Bl., 416 S., 2 Bl., 416, 8, 8, 8 S. Hldr. d. Zt. (Berieb. u. best.).  
Seltene Chartisten-Zeitschrift. - Joseph Barker was a prominent preacher, author and controversialist, whose views were formed by his Wesleyan upbringing and his early years of hardship as a wool-spinner. His ability in the pulpit, and his transition to author/printer speedily obtained for him a number of followers, known as Barkerites. Barker was a supporter of teetotalism, for a time inclined to quakerism, and then unitarianism, and campaigned for the abolition of slavery. He became an advocate of republicanism in 1846, shortly afterwards throwing himself into the Chartist Movement, and it was around this time that Barker commenced his weekly periodical, 'The People', to propogate his extreme opinions. - Tls. leichte Gebrauchsspuren, St.a.V.
Barker,J. | Bild Nr.1

Barker,J. | Bild Nr.1

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