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von 32 Werken. Um 1857-1996. Versch. Formate und Einbände.  
Enthält u.a.: Smith, Truman, An examination of the question of anaesthesia, arising on the memorial of Charles Thomas Wells, 1858; Tourdes, Recherches sur les substances anesthésiques, 1857; Köhler, H., Die lokale Anaesthesirung durch Saponin, 1873; Lyman, Artificial anaesthesia and anaesthetics, 1881 ("One of the most widely used and quoted of the early anesthesia monographs..." Fulton & Stanton, p.90). - Nevius, The discovery of modern anaesthesia, 1894 (Privatdruck; "A very scarce history of the discovery of anesthesia... included is an interesting photograph, ca. 1894, which depicts a late-19th century dentist's office and 'Dr. Nevius in the act of administering Nitrous Oxid Gas'" Howell, Cat. 49/II, 263); Kirschner, Martin, Eine psycheschonende und steuerbare Form der Allgemeinbetäubung (in: Der Chirurg, Jg. 1), 1929 ( "Intravenous use of 'avertin' "Garrison/Morton 5710). - Liste auf Anfrage.
Kovolut | Bild Nr.1

Kovolut | Bild Nr.1

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