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Monuments of Music

and Music Literature in Facsimile. Second Series. Music Literature. 7 Bde. d. Reihe. New York, Broude Brothers (um 1965-68). Olwdbde.  
Enthält: Rameau,J.P. Traite de l'Harmonie. Facs. of the 1722 Paris ed. - Ders. Generation harmonique. Facs. of the 1737 Paris ed. - Ders. Demonstration du principe de l'harmonie. Facs. of the 1750 Paris ed. - Holder,W. Treatise of the natural grounds and principals of hatmony. Facs. of the 1694 London ed. - Avison,C. An essay on musical expression. Facs. of the 1753 London ed. - Gasparini,F. L'armonico pratico al cimbalo. Facs. of the Venice ed. - Descartes,R. Musicae compendium. Facs. of the 1650 Utrecht ed.
Monuments of Music | Bild Nr.1

Monuments of Music | Bild Nr.1

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