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Hortulus Genialis. Sive Arcanorum Valde Admirabilium tam in arte Medica quam reliqua Philosophia, Compendium. Curiosis Naturae Scrutatoribus lectu tam utile quam iucundum. Ex ipsius Auctoris praecipue Observationibus concinnatum. Genf, Albert 162. 12°. 8 Bl. (le. 2 w.), 339 S., 14 Bl. - Angebunden: Pisanelli,B. De Esculentorum Potulentorumque facultatibus liber unus. Laconica quidem, at varia iucundaque, medica & historica eruditione refertus. Genf, Albert 1620. 32O S., 4 Bl. Läd. Prgt. d. Zt. (Rckn. mit Ausrissen, gebräunt u. fleckig).  
I). Ferguson I, 72. Krivatsy 697 - Caillet 727. Waller 680 - Wellcome I,673. - Genfer Ausgabe, die 1620 gleichzeitig mit einer Ausgabe in Köln erschien (EA. Neapel 1617). - Includes various reümants of popular science and medicine from the works of past authors, but presented in no particular order. The work presents a fair amount of superstition, including such arcane matters as the reason that Amazons cut off their right breast (to strengthen their right hands and arms), and the assertion that the transformation of men into beasts is not real. Included is Baricellis remedy for constipation. - Etw. gebräunt u. stockfl. Einige An- u. Unterstreichungen. Hs. Besitzverm. a. T.
Baricelli,J.C. | Bild Nr.1

Baricelli,J.C. | Bild Nr.1

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