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Story of the rear column of the Emin Pasha relief expedition. London, Porter 1890. Gr.8°. Mit Portrait, 2 Faltkten, 2 Faksimiles u. zahlr. Textabb. XXXII S., 1 Bl., 455 S. Olwd. mit etw. Goldpräg. (Minimal fl., tls. berieb. u. best.).  
Sehr seltene erste Ausgabe. - Jameson was a member of Henry Stanley's expedition to relieve the Emin Pasha and part of the ill-fated rear guard at Yambuya. The Rear-guard was supposed to have resupplied Stanley's expedition, but disease and the treachery of the Chief Tippu-Tib kept them from making their rondevous with Stanley. By the time Stanley returned to find them, all but one European was dead. Jameson died of fever. - These letters and diaries, edited by his wife are an attempt to rebut the accusations as well a publish the extensive notes that Jameson took on the expedition.
Jameson,J.S. | Bild Nr.1

Jameson,J.S. | Bild Nr.1

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