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Oracoli Auguri, Aruspici, Sibille, Indovini, della Religione Pagana Tratto da Antichissimi Monumenti, o Sulle Traccie Della Storia Delineata dal celebre Jacopo Guarana, ed incisi in rame dai pou esperti Viniziani artefici. Venedig 1792. Fol. Engraved title page, frontispiece by Aloysius Povelato, complete with 41 plates (incl. frontispiece) and 43 (incl. title page) engraved text leaves.  
Brunet, II, 1773 - Olschki - Choix 7080 - Cicognara 4711.- Guarana Jacopo (1720 - 1808) was a student of Sebastian Ricci and Givanni Battista Tiepolo. He was one of Tiepolos greatest followers in both his drawings and his frescos. Guarana received numerous commissions locally and abroad. He lived in Venice his entire life but travelled to Ravenna in 1751 and decorated there the dome of Santa Vitale. He also worked at Vanogaredo in 1763 and Stra in 1770. He became a member of the Accademia in Venice in 1756.
Guarana,J. | Bild Nr.1Guarana,J. | Bild Nr.2

Guarana,J. | Bild Nr.1

Guarana,J. | Bild Nr.2

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