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(Crespin,J.) u. C.Riola.

Martyrologium magnum oder jl Cudesh grand dels martyrs. Il qual contegna. la Historia dellas persecutions dalla Baselgia & dels martyrs oder pardu¨ttas da Jesu Christi, cun lur excellentes confessions, discuors & disputations, contre ils jnimis della Evangelica veritat, & oters memorabels ditts & fats, da tots quels, chi dal temp da Christi fin sun noss temps, in Germania, Francia, Anglia, Scotia, Hybernia, Brabant, Jtalia, Hispania, Portugal & America & c. sun per il S. Evangeli persequitats marturizats, & crudelmang miss alla mort. Part prima. chi contegna la Historia della Baselgia & dels Martyrs, da Christo fin ano. 1560. Primo stat tschanta' in Frances dapo in Todaischk, & huossa ... in noss Romansch verti & contract. da Conradino Riolano. Engadina Bassa, L.C.Janet, et filio J.Janet 1718. 8°. 10 Bl., Tit. mit gest. floraler Bordüre, 556 S. (recte 664), 4 Bl. (Index), Ldr. d. Zt. über Holzdeckel mit Blindpr. u. 2 Schließen (Hint. Deckel restauriert, berieb., Ecken u. Gel. stärker).  
Bibl. Retorumontscha 2297; Bibl. Retorumantscha 3406; Bornatico, La stampa nel Grigoni, 1976, p. 99; Graesse IV/434-435 (sous titre); DHBS II/605 (Crespin) et V/501 (Riola). - The rhaeto-romance language is derived from vernacular Latin that is spoken in the Grisons or Eastern part of Switzerland and the contigious regions of the Tyrol and Italy. The subjects of the work include many of the most famous martyrs in Church History: John Wyclif, Jan Hus, Hieronimous of Prague, Thomas Cranmer, etc. The work is complete and includes four index leaves with a list of subjects, which appear to have been printed after the book itself, and are lacking in most copies, including the one in the British Library. A rare book in every respect, it is also an example of early printing in Scuol. Although Falkenstein attributed two books printed in the Romansh language to the first press in Scuol, these were actually printed in Zurich; the first book printed in Scuol was the Romansh Bible in 1679. - S. 67-70 tls. lose, Kanten etw. berieb. einige Seiten braunfl.
(Crespin,J.) u. C.Riola. | Bild Nr.1

(Crespin,J.) u. C.Riola. | Bild Nr.1

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