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Seder Tefiloh

ke-Minhag ha-Ashkenazim. Karlsruhe (1805). 4°. Mit 2 illustr. Tit. [6], 26, 192. 166 Bl. Mod. Maroquin mit Blindpräg.  
Vinograd, Karlsruhe 52. - Printed at the press of the partners R. Pilta Epstein Segal, the Seligman brothers, Joseph Ettlingen and R. Hirsch Vermes. A prayer book according to the Ashkenaz ritual, with a commentary, laws and customs by R. Jehiel Michal Epstein. Including Psalms with its own title, with Ma 'amadot and Tehinot in Yiddish. The prayer book has two title pages. The first is short and illustrated with biblical figures and animals. There is also an Illustration of a "Levite" pouring water on the hands of a priest. This Illustration alludes to the printer Epstein-Segal who was a Levite. Also the Illustration of two crouching deer alludes to the name of the printer Hirsch Vermes. - The second title provides details of the prayers included in the book, and the additions in this edition that do not appear in the previous edition printed in Amsterdam. R. Jehiel Michal Epstein, the reviser and elucidator of this payer book was a famous rabbi in his day and prominent physician. His son-in-law, R. Mordecai Jaffe was among the outstanding halachik authorities, and author of the Levushim. - Ex. a. starken Papier, tls. stockfl.
Seder Tefiloh | Bild Nr.1

Seder Tefiloh | Bild Nr.1

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