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Traite de la lithotomie, ou de l'extraction de la pierre hors de la vessie. Enrichy de figures necessaire... la maniere de sonder, les instruments propres, le malade dans l'operation... Derniere edition. Den Haag, Beek 1686. Kl.8°. Mit Kupfertitel (in der Pag.), 18 Kupfertaf. u. 2 Textkupfern. 172 S., 3 Bl. Prgt. d. Zt.  
Krivatsy 11904. Vgl. Waller 9629/30 (Ausg. 1681 und 1693). - Klassisches Werk in der Geschichte der Urologie. Besonders wegen seiner Kupfer, die anschaulich die Operationsmethoden zur Entfernung von Blasensteinen zeigen, geschätztes Werk von F. Tolet, "Maitre Chirurgien Jure a Paris & de l'Hospital de la Charite des Hommes". In "Tolet's day lithotomy was one of the major and most dangerous operations. Explicit directions are given for the operation in children as well as adults of both sexes. Particularly stressed is the need for careful restraint of the patient during surgery using strong assistants, straps, scarves, or cloths. The lesser and greater lateral perineal operations in men and women are described and illustrated. Among the many causes of the stone, the author named unleavened bread, waterfowl, curds, pap, old cheese, hard eggs, unripe fruits, the feet or legs of beef or pork, salted or spiced meats, and medicines which dehydrate the body. The plates depicted instruments, positioning the patient, the use of the curved metal catheter, the making of the incision, and use of extracting clamps" (Heirs of Hippocrates 660 (engl. Ausg. 1683). - Gering gebräunt. - Exlibris Dr. Friedrich Bonhoff.
Tolet,F. | Bild Nr.1

Tolet,F. | Bild Nr.1

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