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Libro de abacho. Chi de arte matematice ha piacere che tengon di certeza el primo grado auanti che di quelle teuti el vado vogli la presente opera vedere ... Venedig, Iacomo Pentio da Lecho ad insta[n]tia de Marchio Sessa & Piero di Rauani compagni 1517). 4°. Mit einig. Holzschn.-Init. u. zahlr. mathemat. Beispielen. 95 (statt 100; falsch 94) Bl. Mod., flex. Prgt. aus altem Material. (Gebräunt, tls. fl., kl. Wurmspuren).  
Vgl. Adams, B 2497 (Ausg. 1509). Riccardi I, 164. Smith S. 20-22. Sehr seltene Ausgabe (nur im Worldcat). - "His work is more elaborate than the Treviso arithmetic, and had far greater influence on education. More than any other book it set a standard for the arithmetics of the succeeding century, and none of the early textbooks deserves more careful study. The problems are generary practical for the time, and they reveal some interesting facts concerning business customs at the close of the fifteenth century" (Smith). The work relates to operations with integers, fractions, compound numbers, mercantile rules, currency, commercial problems, harter, matters relative to partnership. With woodcut intials and numerous arithmetic examples in text. - Es fehlen die Bl. A1-2, A7 u. B1-2. Tls. rep. Wurmgänge in den Gelenken, tls. Wurmspuren in den unt. Ecken. Mehrere Bl. mit dunklem Feuchtrand. Bl. 88 mit kl. Loch (Buchstaben- u. kl. Zahlenverlust). Das le Bl. mit Randausschnitt (Buchstabenverlust).
(Borghi,P. | Bild Nr.1

(Borghi,P. | Bild Nr.1

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