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Dr. Syntax.

7 blaue Steingutteller mit Motiven n. T.Rowlandson. Kopien in der Art der Clews Blue Staffordshire Teller bei J.R.Clews of Clobridge, wohl um 1900. Dm. jwls. ca. 26 cm. Verso mit blauem Titel u. tls. mit Nummern.  
Doctor Syntax drawing after Nature (2x), ... bound to a tree by Highwaymen, ... mistakes a Gentleman's house for an Inn, ... taking possession of his living, ... reading his Tour, ... disputing his Bill with the Landlady. - Meist Unreinheiten i.d. Glasur, 1 Teller mit kl. Chip.
Dr. Syntax. | Bild Nr.1

Dr. Syntax. | Bild Nr.1

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