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A complete collection of the genuine papers, letters, &c. Paris, chez J.W.Imprimeur (= London ?) 1767. 1 Bl., IV, 272 S. Hldr. d. 19. Jhdts. mit Rsch. (Stark berieb. u. best.).  
Kress 6420. Vgl. Higgs 4805 (Ausg. 1769). Nicht bei Goldsmiths. Erste Ausgabe. - "Wilkes was chiefly responsible for the 'North Briton', and as a consequence spent time in prison" (Kress). "Establishing in his resistance to the government of the day the immunity of polltical criticism from prosecution, the publicity of legislative debates ... the protection of house and property from unreasonable search and seizures (written into the Constitution of the United States in the Fourth Amendment)" (ESS XV, 422). - Unbeschn. Ex. Blattränder tls. angefranst. Durchgeh. gebräunt, tls. wasserrandig.
Wilkes,J. | Bild Nr.1

Wilkes,J. | Bild Nr.1

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