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Della vera tranquillita dell animo. Opera utilissima, & nuovamente composta dalla illustrissima. Venedig, Manutius 1544. Kl.4°. Mit 2 wdh. Druckermarken. 54 Bl. (Titel, num. 2-52, recte: 53, 1 nn.). Spät. Hprgt. mit hs. Rtitel. (Berieb.).  
Adams S 1044. Gamba 1646. Erste Ausgabe. - Buchblock angebrochen, tls. wasserrandig bzw. feuchtigkeitsfleckig, tls. leicht sporfleckig (Vors. stärker). - First edition, edited by the Milanese writer Ortensio Lando (ca. 1508/12-ca. 1553), who signs his prefatory dedication, dated 10 May 1544, to Otto Truchsess von Waldburg, bishop of Augsburg, "Il Tranquillo". Lando explains that he himself had just written a short treatise on the "tranquillity of the soul" in the course of a trip abroad, but that upon his way back, stopping as usual in Piacenza to pay his respects to his old friend the Signora Isabella Sforza, he found her, to his surprise, preoccupied with that very question, and she showed him her own manuscript on the same subject. Considering this a sign from God, and finding her "composition" far superior to his own work, he decided on the spot to burn everything that he himself had written on the subject, and to have her treatise published. He begs the Bishop to read it carefully, as a demonstration of "what the feminine sex can accomplish if properly instructed in literature". The present work achieved a modest popularity: it was translated into French and printed in Lyons by de Tournes in 1549, and into Spanish, for a Valencia 1568 edition. Isabella Sforza was the great-granddaughter of Alessandro Sforza (1409-73), founder of the Pesaro line of the family. She married Cipriano del Nero, a Florentine noble, and was renowned for her great learning. Her other works included a treatise on the condition of women.
Sforza,I. | Bild Nr.1

Sforza,I. | Bild Nr.1

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