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Experiments and considerations touching colours. London, Herringman 1664. 20 Bl., 423 S. Ausgebunden.  
Fulton 57; Krivatsy 1679; Wellcome II, 221; Osler 944. - Erste Ausgabe. S. 389 beginnt mit eigenem Titelbl. "A short account of some observations.." - "The treatise on Colours... deals with a large variety of phenomena and contains many generalizations which were subsequently adopted by Newton in his memorable treatise on Optics". Boyle was the first to record that certain vegetable extracts change colour when the solution is made acid or changed from acid to alkali. He gave to the world the first account of those important substances now well known to the chemist as indicators" (Fulton). - Die fehlende Taf. in Kopie eingebunden. Tls. stockfl., das le. Bl. mit hinterl. Einrissen. - Selten.
Boyle,R. | Bild Nr.1

Boyle,R. | Bild Nr.1

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