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ou l'Optimisme des Pays Chauds. 2 Tle. in 1 Bd. Sur l'imprime de Londres, 1794 Larnaka, Giovane della Rosa (= Brüssel, Gay 1875). 2 Bl., 270 S. Spät. Hlwd. mit goldgepr. Rsch. (Etw. berieb. u. best.).  
Rose 2741. Kearney 1080: "The text of'Lyndamine' concludes at p. 162. The remainder of the volume is taken up with a collection of vers, allegedly from the peu of the same author as the rest of the book, entitled 'Contes moraux'. - Vgl. Gay-Lem. II, 926 (u. d. Titel 'Lyndamire): "C'est un des meilleures productions de la literature ultra-erotique".
Lyndamine, | Bild Nr.1

Lyndamine, | Bild Nr.1

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