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Origines typographicae. 2 Tle. in 1 Bd. Den Haag, Paris und London, N. van Daalen, G.F. de Bure u. T. Wilcox 1765. 4°. Mit 1 (von 2) gest. Portraits, 1 gefalt. Tabelle, 10 (davon 2 gefalt. bzw. dplblgr.) Kupfertaf. u. 1 Textkupfer. XI, 260, VIII, 312 S. Ldr. d. Zt. mit Rsch., Rverg. u. Goldschn. (Berieb. u. best., Gelenke angeplatzt).  
Bestdokumentierte Schrift der Zeit über den Ursprung des Druckerwesens. - Bigmore-W. II, 32: "Meerman very diligently consulted all the German, Spanish, Italian, French, English, Swiss, and Dutch authors, who treated of typography, with the object of substantiating his theory. He was also in communication with eminent scholars in those countries, and obtained the benefit of their researches and advice. He had access to all the best libraries, public and private, and travelled in England, France, and Germany, to increase his knowledge of the subject. His work is noteworthy for the ingenious and happy manner in which he renders technical terms into the Latin language, in which the whole book is written. The ten fac-similes are executed with great care, are very curious, and give a good idea of the types used by the printers to whom he makes reference". - Breitrandiges Ex., tls. leicht fleckig. - Exlibris.
Meerman,G. | Bild Nr.1

Meerman,G. | Bild Nr.1

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